Avon And Me

Beverley Servai

My name is Bev, and I have been an Avon Representative since 2001. Below are my personal thoughts on Avon.

Avon has inspired and amazed me throughout the years, with their marvelous products. Whether it be a new lipstick, bubblebath, or even type of clothing, Avon is always introducing new products and surprises.

Avon products are not just meant for one group of people – they are made with everyone in mind. Over the past decade, there has been a steady rise in men acknowledging and purchasing Avon products. In fact, men have their very own line of products. I very much enjoy selling the products to them; it’s wonderful to see everyone benefiting from Avon.

Whenever I visit certain households, I like it when the little ones talk to me about Avon. Some talk about the toys, books, bubble-baths, roll-on soaps, and too much, too many, to write. As you perhaps know, Avon sells licensed and novelty products. Yes! The kids notice these as well. Dora the Explorer still seems to the the girls favourite, whereas Blues Clues captivates the boys.

My favourite happens to be Mickey Mouse.


I must admit that I have learned a lot about Avon products from my clients themselves. Since I can not try all the products myself (there are just too many), my customers provide my best feedback. When they try a new product, they don’t hesitate to let me know if it works, how it works, and how it is to be used. Their opinion is of great value to me, and I thank them.

My goal as an Avon Representative is to achieve an even greater understanding of the various products so that I can keep up with this ever progressing world. As Avon sells for itself, I am just here to market it for you.

Allow me to be your Avon Sales Representative.

Bev is a friendly and easygoing person. She's become more than just my Avon Representative - she's become a close friend.
Buying Avon with Bev is great. She is a wonderful and friendly person, and I can always trust her to do things right.
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