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Avon was first founded in 1886 by Mr. David H. McConnell, who had a dream of bringing the world of beauty directly to women – delivered straight to their doorsteps! Today, it seems that his dream has come true, with Avon being sold in over 135 countries worldwide.

The first women to represent Avon was Ms. Albee, who delivered the products door to door. Today many have followed in her footsteps, making Avon one of the leading companies for women.

Today there are 4 clubs of recognition of Avon Representatives with the highest sales. These clubs are known as the Presidents Club (Ms. Albee), The Honour Society, The David H. McConnell Club, and the Presidents Council.

Avon is currently directed by Andrea Jung, and is an easy way for both mean and women to access high quality products.

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Bev is a friendly and easygoing person. She's become more than just my Avon Representative - she's become a close friend.
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